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Possibility of convergence measurement of gates in coal mining using terrestrial 3D laser scanner

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Radovan Kukutsch 0000-0003-2571-7246

Vlastimil Kajzar 0000-0002-3787-6511

Petr Konicek 0000-0003-2852-8619

Petr Waclawik 0000-0002-9589-5083


The application of laser scanning technology has increased recently in many different branches. The presented paper deals with an application of this technology in the mining environment. To verify the spatial changes (movements and deformations) of mining works this technology was deployed in situ at the selected mining workplace in the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. The main purpose of 3D laser scanning at Lazy Mine was to monitor the deformation of the roadway before approaching the longwall face on the selected tailgate. From the results of performed 3D scanning used it was possible to accurately define and quantify the floor lift area in front of the approaching coalface, observe measurable tilt of middle wooden props, capture documentable changes in floor dinting during the period between campaigns and monitor the deformation of steel arch support, confirming the influence of additional stress away from the goaf of previous longwall.

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