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Average course approximation of measured subsidence and inclinations of mining area by smooth splines

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Justyna Orwat 0000-0002-6217-0385

Ryszard Mielimąka 0000-0002-0815-7737


The results of marking average courses of subsidence measured on the points of measuring line no. 1 of the “Budryk” Hard Coal Mine, set approximately perpendicularly to a face run of four consecutively mined longwalls in coal bed 338/2 have been presented in the article. Smooth splines were used to approximate the average course of measured subsidence after subsequent exploitation stages. The minimising of the sum of the squared differences between the average and forecasted subsidence, using J. Bialek's formula, was used as a selection criterion of parameter values of smoothing an approximating function. The parameter values of this formula have been chosen in order to match forecasted subsidence with measured ones. The average values of inclinations have been calculated on the basis of approximated values of observed subsidence. It has been shown that by doing this the average values of extreme measured inclinations can be obtained in almost the same way as extreme observed inclinations. It is not necessary to divide the whole profile of a subsidence basin into parts. The obtained values of variability coefficients of a random scattering for subsidence and inclinations are smaller than their values which occur in the literature.

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