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Sensitivity analysis of fuzzy-analytic hierarchical process (FAHP) decision-making model in selection of underground metal mining method

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Bhanu Chander Balusa 0000-0002-6765-5197

Amit Kumar Gorai 0000-0002-2276-6870


This study aims to analyse the sensitivity in decision-making which results in the selection of the appropriate underground metal mining method using the fuzzy-analytical hierarchy process (FAHP) model. The proposed model considers sixteen criteria for the selection of the most appropriate mining method out of the seven. The model consists of three-layer viz. the first layer represents the criteria (factors which influence the mining method), the second layer represents the sub-criteria (categorisation of the factors) and the third layer represents the alternatives (mining methods). The priority of the different mining methods was determined based on global weights. The global weights of seven mining method were determined using a different fuzzification factor under different decision-making attitudes (optimistic, pessimistic and unbiased). The sensitivity of the decision-making results was analysed in order to understand the robustness of the model.

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