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Piotr Bortnowski 0000-0002-6647-6234

Anna Nowak-Szpak 0000-0001-6102-5277

Maksymilian Ozdoba 0000-0002-3364-9442

Robert Król 0000-0002-2529-1890


This paper explores the possibilities of using an acoustic camera as a tool that allows the verification of the correct construction and operation of individual elements of a belt conveyor. Based on the simultaneously recorded components - a video camera and measuring microphones, the sound pressure level map of the belt conveyor was created. The tests were carried out in laboratory conditions and covered the location and identification of individual noise sources. The verification consists not only of searching for dominant sound sources, but above all, of searching for frequencies in the analysed spectrum that should not occur during their proper operation. The tests allow for the identification of frequencies and the determination of the sound pressure level for three noise sources: the electric motor noise, the idler roll bearing noise as well as the noise on the tail pulley caused by belt misalignment.

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