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Zenon Różański 0000-0002-0483-7276

Paweł Wrona 0000-0001-5978-4039

Grzegorz Pach 0000-0003-2680-3568

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Tomasz Suponik 0000-0002-4251-4275

Robert Frączek 0000-0001-6810-5915


Precipitation, especially with a high intensity, affects the condition of mining waste dumps. The article presents the results of research aimed at determining the impact of rain on water erosion on the slopes of a coal waste dump and its thermal state. Preliminary tests of the condition of two slopes of the coal waste dump in Libiąż (Poland) undertaken in the frameworks of the TEXMIN project was carried out using modern geodesy techniques (low-ceiling photogrammetry and TLS terrestrial laser scanning). The current geometry of the slope surface was faithfully reproduced in the form of a cloud of points with known coordinates x, y, z. The thermal state within the analyzed slopes of the dump was also assessed. Based on thermography studies and measurements of temperature and gas concentrations inside the object, two zones of thermal activity were located on one of the examined slopes. The test results constitute the initial state against which the results of further tests will be compared. This will allow to determine the influence of precipitation on the amount of water erosion and the thermal state of the dump in a specific time period.

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