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Małgorzata Wysocka 0000-0002-1538-1294

Krzysztof Samolej 0000-0002-0867-7556

Krystian Skubacz 0000-0001-6858-7774


The paper presents the balance of energy consumption for domestic heating in Opole and Silesian Voivodship (Poland), divided into various media. The report was based on an analysis of approximately 250 documents containing low-carbon economy plans for individual municipalities (gminas). The authors compared the current situation in these voivodships and their districts with the structure of the heating system in Poland as a whole, based on data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland. The data demonstrate that the use of coal-based energy media has not changed significantly over the years and around 55-60% of households with individual heating systems use this type of media. A much more favourable trend is found in large urban centres, where there is a high proportion of district heating. The most common of the lower-emitting fuels (LPG, natural gas, electricity, heat pumps) is natural gas, and the share of the remaining sources within this group are barely significant.

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