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Przemysław Rompalski: 0000-0001-9213-8186

Marian Jacek Łączny: 0000-0002-0045-5000


The article presents and summarises the current state of research and laboratory results on the carbonation of fly ash with carbon dioxide in the context of its use in mining engineering. Based on previous publications and patent applications, the possibilities of using carbonated fly ash from fluidised bed boilers for the following applications were discussed: securing excavations particularly susceptible to fire hazards, shotcreting and securing longwalls and supports, constructing cases, securing decommissioned shafts, and others, which means wherever the use of cement is required. It was pointed out that the removal of excess free calcium oxide makes it possible to use carbonated fly ash in mining applications for placement in workings requiring increased tightness. It was also stated that carbonation allows the removal of hydrogen from fluidised fly ash (FFA) obtained during co-combustion. The research highlighted the potential and importance of granulating carbonised FFA in expanding the applications of this innovative product in mining engineering.

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