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Rohan Bisai: 0000-0001-8716-0725

Rohit Roy: 0000-0002-6567-1185

Sathish Kumar Palaniappan: 0000-0002-6799-9918

Samir Kumar Pal: 0000-0002-3140-6826

Karanam Uma Maheshwar Rao: 0000-0002-1022-5372


Accurate information on Young’s modulus (E) is required for simulating rock deformation in mines; on the other hand, it is very cumbersome to obtain in the laboratory and collecting drilled cores in sufficient amounts, especially in the case of soft rocks, is quite impossible. Empirical equations were deducted for E from easily determinable rock properties, and the final model was selected through different statistical strength parameter tests. The generalization of the equation was verified through the normal distribution tests of residues of the equation. R2 came to be 0.609 and was validated using an artificial neural network with an improved value of 0.73

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