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CFD Simulation of Temperature Variation in Carboniferous Rock Strata During UCG

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Tomasz Janoszek 0000-0001-7006-0285

Anna Sygała 0000-0003-3962-2192

Mirosława Bukowska 0000-0002-5829-8984


The numerical simulation was based on the computational fluid dynamics formalism in order to identify the change of temperature in rock strata during underground coal gasification (UCG). The calculations simulated the coal gasification process using oxygen and water vapour as a gasification agent in 120 hours. Based on the selected software (Ansys-Fluent) a model of underground coal gasification (UCG) process was developed. The flow of the gasification agent, the description of the turbulence model, the heat-exchange model and the method of simulation of chemical reactions of gasification are presented herein.

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