Usage of Cable Bolts for Gateroad Maintenance in Soft Rocks

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Iurii Khalymendyk 0000-0003-3308-0783

Anna Brui 0000-0001-9527-8889

Anatolii Baryshnikov 0000-0003-0637-3054


Purpose This paper analyses the effectiveness of gateroad reinforcing by means of cable bolts under weak rock conditions. In the worldwide mining industry the method of gateroad support reinforcement using cable bolts is considered to be effective. The experimental application of cable bolts was performed in gateroad #165 of the "Stepova" mine, Western Donbass, Ukraine, and required instrumental control of "support-rock mass" system conditions. Methods Obtaining absolute displacement of "support-rock mass" system elements and extensometer anchors by means of levelling in order to improve the method of observation. Results The peculiarities of geomechanical behaviour of rock mass in the roof of gateroads is investigated. It has been established that the application of cable bolts allows for a reduction in the vertical convergence of the gateroad, both in front of and behind the longwall face. Practical implications Advantages of cable bolts instead of end-face support and props in case of a high advance rate of the longwall face are shown. Originality/value 1. There are no regulations and state standards in regard to cable bolt installation parameters in the mines of Ukraine, consequently the usage of cable bolts for gateroad maintenance required preliminary testing under geological conditions at the Western Donbass mines with soft enclosing rocks. 2. Combining levelling with observations using extensometers allowed for the detection of the rock layers' uniform sagging zone in the roof of the gateroad.

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