Model of Local Sustainable Development in the Areas of Co-Occurrence Natura 2000 Sites and Non Energy Mining Industry (NEEI)

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Krzysztof Wrana 0000-0001-5655-5644

Magdalena Głogowska 0000-0002-6511-862X


Purpose The article is a response to the lack of systemic solutions that should help in preventing/mitigating conflicts between the needs of non-energy mining industry (NEEI) and nature conservation requirements under the NATURA 2000 system. Methods Construction of conceptual models based on the results of surveys carried out in the framework of the research proj ect "Economic activity models" 2013, and on the complementary literature studies. Results The conditions under which both types of activity could together drive the economic development of the municipality and provide its local specialization are highlighted. The barriers to the implementation of such a scenario are described, and an explanation about how to break through these barriers is provided. The necessary directions of the legal and organizational changes are described, relying on the good practices implemented in other European countries. Practical implications The article contains a proposal for a strategic approach that would help Polish decision-makers and local communities in preventing and mitigating the local conflicts between nature protection and the exploitation of mineral resources. The results can be used in the process of elaborating the national policy management of mineral resources. The approach proposed in the article should also be applied to the elaboration of development policies/strategies at a municipality and regional scale, wherever there is a potential conflict between mining and nature conservation needs. Originality/value The model presented is an original proposal. This is the first attempt, in Poland, to indicate a scenario approach to solving problems concerning the impact mining has on nature. The approach should be applied both at a national and local level.

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