Research on tightness loss of belt conveyor's idlers and its impact on the temperature increase of the bearing assemblies

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Andrzej Pytlik 0000-0003-0899-0590

Klaudiusz Trela 0000-0001-6079-2116


The temperature of idlers' bearing assemblies is the basic indicator of their technical condition. The main aim of this article is to present the impact of decreased tightness of the conveyor belts' idlers which results in the higher temperature of bearing assemblies, which in turn is the main factor influencing their level of durability. This article includes research methodology of idlers, which was designed to determine the direct impact of lower tightness of bearing assemblies, at a determined load, on the temperature of bearing assemblies. Research results are presented in the form of dependence of ΔT temperature increase, in t time function, and at the determined F radial load. The characteristics set during the tests included the temperature of bearing assemblies and were analysed in terms of the possible or potential risk of bearing assembly seizure. The research carried out showed the significant impact of load on the temperature increase of bearing assemblies. Constant recording of temperature increases and the nature of changes allowed conclusions to be drawn concerning the seizure of bearings or idler's seals. A thermographic (infrared) camera enabled pivotal areas located in the bearing assembly to be determined, which may indicate the seizure, and helped to present thermography images showing the distribution of the temperature in the idler which occurred during testing.

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