Model proposal for representing a deep coal mine spatial and functional structure

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Sebastian Iwaszenko 0000-0003-2346-6375

Józef Kabiesz 0000-0001-6026-3118


Underground coal mining usually requires the development of a set of underground corridors (workings). The workings fulfill many different functions. They are used for transportation, ventilation, dewatering and even escape pathways. The proposition of a formal representation of a working's structure for deep coal mining has been presented. The model was developed as a basis for the software system, support management and operational activities for longwall deep mine. The proposed solution is based on graph formalism along with its matrix representation. However, the idea of matrix representation is enhanced. Not only are the topological properties of workings structure considered, but also information about their functions and spatial characteristic. The object model was designed and implemented based upon the matrix idea.

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