Influence of mining operations on road pavement and sewer system – selected case studies

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Marcin Grygierek 0000-0002-2969-7054

Piotr Kalisz 0000-0003-1749-2577


Underground mining operations cause surface deformations which influence structures. A particular group of structures which are susceptible to the influence of mining operations are so-called “linear objects”, whose characteristic parameter is their length. Linear objects consist of, for example: roads, rails, sewers and water supply systems. Changes in the length of measurement bases (deformations) accompanying mining deformations and changes in ordinates, including the difference in subsidence (inclination), to a large extent determine the utility properties of the structures and create a significant nuisance when using them and even causing them to fail completely. It is worth emphasising that when applying proper preventive measures once continuous deformations have begun, it is possible to use the objects for a relatively long period of time. In the case of discontinuous deformations, the utility properties are significantly deteriorated, which most often leads to failures, significantly hastening the decision to conduct repair works. This article presents selected cases of the continuous influence of mining operations on a sewer system and of discontinuous deformations on a road pavement. The presented research and in situ observations may be useful in assessing, designing or re-building such structures in areas where mining operations are planned.

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