Analytical design of selected geotechnical solutions which protect civil structures from the effects of underground mining

Author ORCID Identifier

Rafał Misa 0000-0003-3339-8839

Anton Sroka 0000-0002-3932-4673

Krzysztof Tajduś 0000-0003-2014-0900

Mateusz Dudek 0000-0001-5640-1987


This paper presents the authors' computational methods based on Knothe's theory. The methods enable the estimation of the reduction coefficient for effects which originate from mining operations performed via the application of a longitudinal structure which is sunk in to the ground. It could be, for example, a partition, which as a structural gap fulfils the function of an expansion grout, or via breaking the subsoil continuity (e.g. because of creating a peat-filled ditch or using a natural gap). Demonstrative calculations have been carried out in a few cases, i.a. to protect a structure situated in the vicinity of a planned tunnel. Additionally, some examples of the discontinuity zone which impact the obtained deformation values have been presented. The calculation method has been tested in case studies. The results of the calculations clearly show the positive influence of the applied geotechnical solutions on the minimisation of mining damage.