The environmental implications of the exploration and exploitation of solid minerals in Nigeria with a special focus on Tin in Jos and Coal in Enugu

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Adeyinka O. Omotehinse 0000-0002-2484-5417


Mining activities can have serious negative effects on the environment, these effects occur from the exploration stage to the closure stage of a mine's operation. Nigeria has different minerals and exploration/exploitation of these minerals can affect the environment. The objective of this paper is to consider how the exploration and exploitation of Tin in Plateau and Coal in Enugu has affected the environment. The Jos field (Plateau State) is used as a case study for areas with existing mines and the coal mines at Enugu represent areas with closed mines. The methodology used for this research includes a field survey; direct mapping of mining activities; assessment of the impacts of exploration and exploitation; documentary analysis; and observations. The results include analysis of the mining impacts of Tin and Coal on the environment. It is hoped that the conclusion of this study will enable Nigeria to put in place and enforce certain minimum environmental standards for solid mineral exploration and exploitation. In addition, best management practices for reclaiming surface mines could also be put in place.

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