Slope failure incidents and other stability concerns in surface lignite mines in Greece

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Ioannis E. Zevgolis 0000-0002-2351-8692

Nikolaos K. Koukouzas 0000-0002-7094-3712


An important aspect of the Greek surface lignite mines relates to the stability of the corresponding excavations. The more recent ones, over the last few decades, have become larger and deeper (up to 200m) compared to those in the past and, as a result, more difficult to manage. In fact, during the last ten years, several incidents of excessive deformations or catastrophic slope failures have been reported. Therefore, a robust practice of geotechnical engineering is very important. The scope of the present work is to provide a critical review of the relative literature on slope failure incidents and other stability concerns, and also to briefly present cases for which no information has been published in the past. The paper consists of three sections: an inclusive review of early studies, a more extensive review of recent cases of stability problems, and a critical discussion on commonly anticipated failure mechanisms. Based on the above, relevant conclusions are drawn and discussed. Overall, it is concluded that thorough practice of geotechnics is becoming increasingly crucial for the effective and sustainable management of the Greek lignite mines.

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