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Daniela Guglietta 0000-0002-6117-2258

Girolamo Belardi 0000-0002-3817-9355

Rosamaria Salvatori 0000-0002-0430-0751

Stefano Ubaldini 0000-0001-6890-5568

Barbara Casentini 0000-0002-0371-7512

Francesca Trapasso 0000-0002-9384-7854


A smart economy minimizes the production of waste from mining activities and reuses waste as a potential resource, with the goal of moving towards a near-zero waste society. This paper presents integrated multidisciplinary methodology in order to optimise the management of mining waste. The test site is the FeeMn mine in Odisha (India). The mining waste present in the mine has been collected and afterwards X-Ray Powder Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence and spectral signatures analysis have been performed for mineralogical, chemical and spectral characterization of the materials. Finally, the classification and mapping of the characterized mining waste was carried out by Sentinel-2A image.

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