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Henryk Koptoń 0000-0002-5229-4798


The article presents the results of research in to the development of an alternative method of determining the effective coefficient of methane diffusion in coal, based on a mathematical model following Fick's second law. The research was conducted based on the recorded courses of methane sorption kinetics in coal samples obtained in laboratory conditions with the precise gravimetric sorption system IGA-001. The value of the coefficient was treated as an element tuning the model in such a way that the average relative error of the ex post was as small as possible. Model verification indicated the correctness of its assumptions. The development of a more accurate methodology to determine the effective coefficient of methane diffusion in coal will enable the verification of the models applied in order to describe the physical and chemical mechanisms of the methane desorption natural phenomenon. It will also pave the way for further research aimed at the determination of: the gas bearing capacity of coal seams, the degree of degassing of seamswhich results from the mining operations being conducted; or to what extent it is possible to degas the deposits.

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