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Krzysztof Kurus 0000-0002-5336-6095

Karolina Jąderko-Skubis 0000-0002-7861-1173


The production of aggregates in rock mining requires an optimal system of crushers, separators and conveyors. Proper machine selection allows to obtain aggregates with appropriate technical parameters and increase the output of required fractions with a given unit cost. The usage of rock raw materials for the production of railway ballast used in the railway track superstructure is connected with the necessity to meet strictly defined quality requirements.

This paper presents an example of the use of an impact crusher in a selected quarry for the purpose of obtaining the correct parameters of railway ballast and a suitable grain curve. The evaluation was carried out on the results of technological tests, which were compared with the technologies used so far, thus ensuring the effectiveness of the solution in the practice of quarries.

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