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The article presents the results of works concerning evaluation of undeveloped deposits in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin and an estimation of hard coal reserves which can be developed by 2050. Evaluation of hard coal deposits was established on criterions choice and their score determination. On the basis of obtained the final score and after consultations with experts in the field of hard coal mining, there were selected three areas of undeveloped deposits with the amount of about 1.99 Gt (billion metric tons) of anticipated economic resources which can extend the coal reserve base located in the direct vicinity of operating hard coal mines. Additionally, one undeveloped coal deposit with estimated resources amounts to about 1.15 Gt was selected as a potential deposit whose resources could be included in the reserves of operating mines, up to the depth of 1,500 metres. Deposit areas were selected and hard coal reserves were estimated with a view to building new coal mines. For Oświęcim-Polanka deposit, there was built a 3D geological model with estimated the amount of 924 Mt (million metric tons) of anticipated economic resources of coal. An example of a deposit development with ventilation, extraction and transport/haulage underground roadways connecting coal seams with the surface are presented. The designed mine working was placed in the 3D geological deposit model which is a useful tool for designing spatial deposit management.

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