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Anna Wątor 0000-0003-4243-0853

Jarosław Chećko 0000-0001-7926-1702

Tomasz Urych 0000-0003-1827-028X


The paper presents an evaluation of methane production from coal seams. The Warszowice-PawłowicePółnoc deposit was selected for numerical modelling of methane production. The numerical model was made for a fragment of this deposit of about 2 km2. The numerical model was constructed for 6 seams. Three deposits were selected for simulation of methane production. Three horizontal boreholes were designed within the model area, referring to the existing Suszec-19 borehole. A number of simulations related to methane production from the selected deposits were performed. They included different variants of the number of boreholes and also took into account the z-pinnate method. The analyses proved that the most advantageous is the production of 3 directional boreholes simultaneously with the z-pinnate method. For this variant the degree of methane production was 21.9% of the estimated resources.

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