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Sergey A. Ignatiev 0000-0002-5527-0978

Aleksandr E. Sudarikov 0000-0001-9965-2372

Askar Zh. Imashev 0000-0002-9799-8115


The paper reviews methods and trends of numerical modelling of geomechanical processes around underground mine excavations. The most rational method of determining the additional stresses caused by the mine excavations is chosen. Mathematical modelling was performed for excavations of various cross sections and different strength of rocks. The dimensions of the inelastic deformation zone around the mine excavations have been identified. The area of the total fracture zone around the excavation, as well as the area of the roof fracture zone are calculated. The results of the fracture zone modelling are presented both as coordinates and in a graphical form. To simplify application of the modelling results, dependency plots of the obtained parameters were created and analytical dependencies of the fracture zone parameters were identified. The SURFER and KOMPAS software packages were used as the graphic tools to visualize the modelling results

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