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Hongqing Cui 0000-0002-5755-6400


According to regulations of the mining industry in China, it is necessary to carry out gas hazard prevention projects in advance when mining coal seams with gas hazard potential, and gas geological research should be taken as the basic work for optimal design and effective construction of gas hazard prevention projects. Research on coal seam with gas hazard potential have shown that anomalous geological area could be the gas hazard potential area as well, where superimposed tectonic and mining stress field usually results in tectonically disturbed coal and pressured gas. A 4D gas geological research method is used to find out the anomalous geological area and assess its gas hazard potential. The method covers two ranges of gas geological research: fine geological survey and 4D analysis. The former includes a comprehensive prospect of concealed small geological anomalies (such as small fault, small fold and coal thickness variation) by use of gas extraction projects; The latter includes a dynamic forecast of gas hazard potential from space-time perspective based on numerical simulation analysis on additional stress fields around small geological structures beyond coal mining face. Its research benefit the optimal design and effective implementation of gas hazard prevention measures in coal mining panel with high coal and gas outburst potential.

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