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The termination of mining activities often results in post-mining problems and risks. One of these issues is the flooding of mines. Long-term mining in the Ostrava and Petrvald sub-basins in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin finished in 1994. Tens of coal seams were mined here, and the depth of mining reached more than 1000 m below the surface. Flooding of the Ostrava sub-basin started in 1994. The Ostrava and Petrvald sub-basins were flooded from one half only to prevent water from flooding into the Karvina sub-basin, where mining continued. The continual pumping of water has been carried out ever since. Only low-energy seismic events (up to 103 J) were recorded during the periods of flooding and water pumping. Only one high-energy seismic event was recorded here (108 J, magnitude of 3.5, 12 December 2017). This study presents the natural and mining conditions regarding the process of mine flooding; and the induced seismicity registered during the flooding of mines and the preservation of water at the stated level. Analysis of the flooding of mines in connection to the registered seismicity is presented. Probable reasons for the low seismic activity during the flooding of mines are also discussed.

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