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The paper deals with the implementation of the JSW Capital Group’s (Poland) Demand and Quality Driven Production Management System (SPPJ – System Zarządzania Produkcją oparty na Popycie i Jakości) using a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The main components of the SPPJ architecture have been characterized, and the scope of their integration has been defined. The individual parts in the first area, i.e. quality management, have been described in detail. Due to the extensive nature of the issue, components in other areas, i.e. planning and scheduling, coal extraction and processing, coke production, as well as sales and logistics, have only been signalled. Results of the analysis of the implementation of particular components of SPPJ areas have also been presented. The development of the system and the way of implementation in a mining environment is important from the perspective of achieving the superior objective of the JSW Capital Group’s Quality Programme, which is to increase the efficiency of management of the exploited deposit and the volume of commercial product supply.

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