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The present study sought to determine the presence of metals and arsenic, a metalloid, among the fish of a coal mine reservoir, where the water was treated regularly through liming sedimentation combined with dredging, and the fish living in an adjoining river. The potential hazard of metals in fish as human food was analyzed. Except for selenium (an important metal to the human body), which was higher among the river fish than in the reservoir fish (P < 0.01), there were no particular patterns of other studied metals found in either habitat (P > 0.05), and apparently not related to the fish family that consumed by local people. Measurements of bioaccumulation factor (BAF) yielded scattered values from not detected to as high as 71%, but these were below expected levels and not indicative of significant accumulation. Based on Provisional Tolerable Weekly Intake (PTWI) and Estimated Daily Intake (EDI) levels, consuming fish from the studied area poses low risks to human health; therefore, fish in water from coal mining activities should be sufficiently safe to consume.

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