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Rafał Pakosz: 0000-0002-6069-6316

Agnieszka Krzyżanowska: 0000-0001-8382-3069

Łukasz Wojtecki: 0000-0002-4791-9909

Maciej J. Mendecki: 0000-0003-0952-3302


The exploitation carried out in the Bielszowice part of the Ruda Hard Coal Mine is mainly accompanied by seismic and rock burst hazards. The occurrence of high-energy tremors may be associated with many factors, e.g., fracturing of thick layers of high-strength rocks or destruction processes of a stressed and/or thick coal seam. These factors are often combined when excavating a single longwall panel. Determining the causes of strong tremors is of fundamental importance for mining and rock burst prevention. The extraction of the 004z longwall panel in the top layer of coal seam No. 504 was designed in complex geological and mining conditions. During the mining of the 004z longwall panel, strong tremors with energies of 105 J and 106 J occurred. The analysis of the focal mechanisms of these tremors using the seismic moment tensor inversion method allowed to determine the most probable causes of their occurrence. They were mainly related to the processes of fracture and slip in the thick layers of sandstone deposited in the direct or main roof of coal seam No. 504. Therefore, active rock burst prevention was aimed mainly at fracturing high-strength roof rocks.

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