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Bartłomiej Jura: 0000-0002-4393-9152

Piotr Krawczyk: 0000-0003-3184-5383

Jacek Skiba: 0000-0002-4232-683X

Natalia Howaniec: 0000-0003-4625-8464


The results of a cost-effectiveness and economic efficiency assessment of the Hydraulic Borehole Mining (HBM) technology applied to lignite mining are presented. The Dynamic Generation Cost, the Net Present Value, and the Internal Rate of Return were calculated for the extraction of lignite at a rate of about 3.44 million Mg/year from a mining parcel of 1 2.5 km, taking into account CAPEX and OPEX. The cost of mining 1 Mg of lignite using the HBM technology was reported to be lower than its market prices before the energy crisis in Europe caused by the war in Ukraine. The values of the NPV and IRR confirm that the HBM technology may be economically effective in lignite mining. The greatest influence on the cost-effectiveness of the HBM technology was caused by the price of backfill and the diameter of the mining cavern. The NPV is affected by changes in lignite prices. The capital expenditures required by the HBM technology have the least impact on the results in contrary to the open-pit mining technology. Lignite mining using the HBM technology is possible at a level similar to the current level of mining by open-pit technology in Polish conditions.

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