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Agnieszka Klupa: 0000-0002-6703-1085


The economic development of EU countries is limited due to limited access to a number of mineral raw materials, which necessitates actions aimed at securing the supply of CRM. For this reason, CRMs constitute elements of particular importance for the EU. The aim of the study was to assess the content of CRMs as a potential source of REY in fly ash resulting from the coal combustion in one of the power plants in the Czech Republic. In the tested ash the main phases are: glassy phase, mullite and quartz. The chemical composition of the tested fly ashes showed dominance of SiO2 and Al2O3. The CRM included Co, Sb, W, Be, Nb, Ga, lanthanides and Y, as well as Cr and In. Light elements have the largest share among REE, while heavy elements have the smallest share. In the tested fly ash, the share of critical elements, the content of uncritical elements and the content of excessive elements in the total REY content were also determined. Based on the analyzed results, the value of the Coutl prospective coefficient was calculated, which assesses the profitability of obtaining CRM from fly ash as an alternative source of these metals.

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