Most Recent Additions*


Analysis and evaluation of risks in underground mining using the decision matrix risk-assessment (DMRA) technique, in Guanajuato, Mexico
Claudia Rivera Domínguez, Ignacio Villanueva Martínez, Paloma María Piñón Peña, and Adolfo Rodríguez Ochoa


Natural radionuclides (NORM) in a Moroccan river affected by former conventional metal mining activities
Guillermo Manjón, Juan Mantero, Ignacio Vioque, Inmaculada Díaz-Francés, José Antonio Galván, Said Chakiri, Abdelmajid Choukri, and Rafael García-Tenorio


Discharges of dust from NORM facilities: Key parameters to assess effective doses for public exposure
Christian Kunze, Hartmut Schulz, Eckard Ettenhuber, Astrid Schellenberger, and Jörg Dilling


Socio-ecological Analysis of Artisanal Gold Mining in West Africa: A Case study of Ghana.
Richard Takyi, Rasha Hassan, Badr El Mahrad, and Richard Adade


The contribution of mining sector to sustainable development in Saudi Arabia
Mourad Zmami, Ousama Ben-Salha, Sultan O. Almarshad, and Houyem Chekki


Mining energy consumption as a function of ore grade decline: the case of lead and zinc
Ricardo Magdalena, Alicia Valero, Jose-Luis Palacios, and Antonio Valero

*Updated as of 11/30/21.