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Study on the possibilities of treatment of combustion by-products from fluidized bed boilers into a product devoid of free calcium oxide

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Jacek M. Łączny 0000-0002-0045-5000

Sebastian Iwaszenko 0000-0003-2346-6375

Krzysztof Gogola 0000-0003-4099-3484

Andrzej Bajerski 0000-0001-5138-3097

Tomasz Janoszek 0000-0001-7006-0285

Agnieszka Klupa 0000-0002-6703-1085

Magdalena Cempa-Balewicz 0000-0002-4779-1263


The purpose of this paper is to examine the possibility of reduction of free calcium oxide content in waste from fluidized bed boilers by treating them with carbon dioxide under various conditions. The primary examination concerning the possibilities of reducing the content of free calcium oxide in waste included carbonation process in a laboratory, taking into account various parameters of the process. The primary examination has been carried out in a fluidized bed reactor, rotary reactor and a ball mill reactor. Depending on the reaction process, the variables in the examined processes included: reaction time, temperature, amount of the catalyst (water), application of an abrasive material. After completion of the process, the treated material was tested with regard to the content of free calcium oxide. Thus, it was possible to determine the most optimal conditions for treatment of combustion products from fluidized bed boilers, that is the conditions which will ensure reduction of the content of free calcium oxide at an appropriate level, under the physical conditions most similar to normal conditions and in the shortest possible time.

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