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Testing of mining explosives with regard to the content of carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides in their detonation products

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Iwona Zawadzka-Małota 0000-0002-3290-0068


Blasting operations are a risk to the lives of mining workers. Blasting gases are particularly dangerous factors – these are the products from detonations which come from applying explosives which contain toxic nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. The aim of this study was the experimental determination of the composition of the blasting gases from a variety of explosives currently being produced in Poland. On the basis of research results, analysis was carried out. To perform research of the composition of blasting gases, after the detonation of explosives, a laboratory test stand was used. The study involved the determination of gaseous products, i.e. nitrogen oxides and carbon oxides. Research was carried out in accordance with research methodology based on European Directive 93/15/EEC and the harmonized standard PN-EN 13631-16. These studies provided information on the amount of harmful gaseous products from mining explosives after detonation.

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