Social potential growth of a mining company on the basis of human capital and occupational safety

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Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór 0000-0003-0920-6518


Changes in the environment surrounding mining companies require a change in the way of thinking about the business and the reformulation of management strategies, especially in the area of human resources. Providing the right quality of human capital and ensuring its proper administration is essential to ensure efficient market operation. In this paper the practical operation of key components, in relation to the social potential of a mining company, in terms of human capital and occupational safety is discussed. Analysis led to the evaluation of current actions and indicated possibilities for the future management of these two elements (human capital and occupational safety) within the scope of the operational strategy of a coal mine. In the study qualitative methods were primarily used, such as: IDI – in-depth interviews with representatives (of collieries and coal companies) and social experts, a case study, and desk research (the critical analysis of existing documents). Qualitative methods were supported by quantitative study (existing data analysis). On the basis of empirical research, key components of sustainable development in mining business operations were indicated. These components develop social potential and create new opportunities, which exist due to the use of modern strategic business management in accordance with the new economy business model. Empirical studies conducted in coal companies and collieries in Poland attempted to explain which components are crucial for mining companies and how they have been used in operational practice; conclusions can be used in company management. Surveys like this have not been conducted in Poland to date. These surveys allow the social potential of a mining company and the consequences of its development or weakening to be understood.

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